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Brewhouse & Kitchen Pub
152-154 Commercial Road

01202 055221

Brewhouse & Kitchen Pub Bournemouth

This inviting ‘Brewpub’ offers a wide selection of freshly brewed craft beers, as well as a variety of unique bottled beers from across the world, flavorful wines, refreshing cocktails, a tasty food menu, and much more.


Length of time they've been running:

The business was established with the first Brewpub in Portsmouth in 2013, and since then has grown to over 20 premises nationwide. The Bournemouth Brewpub was opened in April 2017 to join Poole and Southbourne premises in the area.

Their business expertise:

The Brewhouse & Kitchen is a pub Bournemouth-based that is right in the town centre, located in the trendy Triangle, and has a wide selection of freshly brewed craft beers, as well as a variety of unique bottled beers from across the world, sumptuous wines, refreshing cocktails, a terrific food menu, and much more. You can also make a reservation for their paved garden, which has beach huts to sit in and is open all year.

What makes them unique:

The Brewpub has its own microbrewery on site, staffed by brilliant brewers who expertly operate the brewery as guests sit, watch, and sip the beer brewed just a few feet away. Immerse yourself into a world of hops, brewing and beers to truly understand what it takes to be a true craftsman of the world's best drink.

Their approach when delivering to you:

A fun, passionate and trustworthy team make sure that you are always put first, are treated as an individual and use their expertise to help improve your experience.



Brewed on-site in their microbrewery:

- Stapehill Regine Harvest Ale: hoppy, earthy, refreshing
- Telemark Extra American IPA: hoppy, floral, piney
- Buffalo Pale American Pale Ale: malty, aromatic, hoppy
- Project Cask Heritage
- 1824 Tropical IPA: hazy, citrusy, hoppy
- Brewers Arms Best Bitter: light, balanced, traditional
- Code Name Oatmeal Stout: black, smooth, chocolate
- Diamond Geezer Saison: aromatic, fruity, yeasty
- Dorset Beauty Choclate Stout: silky, chocolatey, gorgeous
- Jackpot Witbier: cloudy, orange, coriander
- Rhodes Test Golden Ale: golden, bright, refreshing
- Shaky Boat Black IPA: black, hoppy, bitter
- Shire Reeve Cream Ale: extra pale, light, refreshing
- Squirrel Island American Amber Ale: reddish, hoppy, citrusy


Check out the menus on their website, and don't forget to taste their incredible Beer Can Chicken:

The Brewpub's distinctive beer-infused dish involves roasting whole British free range chickens in a specific dry rub then steaming them over a can of their American Pale Ale to preserve them soft and juicy.


- Brewery Experience Day: spend the day with one of their award-winning brewers producing a beer
- Beer Masterclass: a guided sampling of eight different beers led by their beer expert, with the option of adding a meal
- Gin Tasting Masterclass: a gin expert hosts a tutored tasting of a variety of artisan gins and nibbles, with the option to add a tasty meal from the Academy Menu

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