Soft Play in Bournemouth & Poole: 15 Super Venues

By Charlotte Craig. Last updated on 6 March 2020 at 5:38pm.

Super Soft Play Near Me: 13 in Bournemouth & Poole

Soft Play in Bournemouth & Poole: if you are looking after restless little ones, it is very useful to know where good local soft play facilities are. They are a reliable fallback option as you can go in all weather conditions, are open all year round with good changing facilities, and normally have a decent café serving great coffee and cake.

In Poole and Bournemouth, we recommend you seek out these hidden gems:

1. Oasis Fun Soft Play, Bournemouth Town Centre

A central ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’ soft play opportunity is Oasis, which is part of a bigger complex offering themed crazy golf and bowling too.

Near Old Christchurch Road in the heart of Bournemouth and below a multi-storey car park, it has a large, clean soft play area split into 3 parts, a baby area, children under four with slide and the main area for older kids. It is often quiet in the week and will keep the kiddies entertained for hours.

2. Lollipops Soft Play Café, Westbourne

Soft Play in Bournemouth: Lollipops Soft Play, Westbourne
Lollipops Soft Play, Westbourne

Recently under new ownership, Lollipops is a medium sized soft play within an old church. It has a great café close to where the children are playing and is popular with locals. It as a small outdoors space too where the children can explore the playhouse and go on small see-saws. It’s medium size also lends itself to parties of up to 40.

3. Neptunes Soft Play, Poole Quay

Tucked up above an unassuming amusement arcade on the Quay is a very clean and friendly soft play for children under six years old.

It’s excellent location means it’s extremely useful to pop into when visiting Poole Quay and if you time it right, can be quiet as older children go elsewhere.  The café has wonderful views of the harbour too.

4. Monkey Madness Soft Play Centre, Christchurch

Soft Play in Bournemouth: Monkey Madness Soft Play Centre, Christchurch
Monkey Madness Soft Play Centre, Christchurch

Just outside Christchuch town centre on an industrial estate (conveniently situated next to a large party shop) is Monkey Madness.

Its extra large size makes is a great option for a full morning or day visit and it is split into two playframes, for under fours and then a much larger one for bigger kids.

The spaciousness makes it a good choice for children’s parties.

5. The Ark Soft Play, Poole Park

Soft Play in Bournemouth: The Ark Soft Play, Poole Park
The Ark Soft Play, Poole Park

A great location in Poole Park and easy to find, The Ark comprises of a small children’s ice rink, restaurant and soft play area.

Perhaps partly due to its prominence, it can get a little more busy and messy so best to bear this in mind when you plan your visit.

When it is quiet, it uses the space wisely with some interesting activities, including a super ball pond area with many air powered ball propelling machines, a giant lego brick area and a zone for under threes too.

6. Lemur Landings Soft Play, Tower Park, Poole

Located out of town in the Tower Park entertainment complex and probably historically the ‘go-to’ softplay option, Lemur Landings is vast but also has a tendency to get very busy at peak times.  Best to be selective when you visit.

Recently refurbished, it boasts a street with shops, cars and dressing up clothes, an under one zone, a great toddler-specific climbing frame area and a big main area for bigger kids which even has a mini football area.

7. Ramp Ratz Soft Play, Poole

It is worth knowing that as well as as skate park, Ramp Ratz also has a small, clean soft play for smaller children next to a great artisan café. So you can take your older child for scoot or ride whilst littlies are entertained too.

8. Wimborne Garden Centre, Wimborne

This is a bit of a hidden gem, a small air-conditioned soft play screened off by glass and next to a lovely big café where you can enjoy you food whilst still keeping your eyes on the children. This garden centre also has a toys section and aquarium. These facilities coupled with the traditional garden centre offering makes this a great destination when you need a tick a few tasks off your list in one day.

If you are interested in other garden centres, please read our article on the best garden centres to visit near Poole and Bournemouth.

9. Kids Play Café, Charminster, Bournemouth

Known as Role Play World until September 2019, Kids Play Café is the most unique entry on this list. Within the relatively modest area are differently themed zones where the children can dress up and let their imagination’s run wild. There is a castle, a safari area, a fire engine, train and even a pirate ship. Worth visiting if you have small children who love to role play and the size lends itself to small parties too.

10. Creams Diner, Bournemouth Town Centre

Just off Old Christchurch Road in central Bournemouth is a useful soft play pit stop in an American-style Diner. They serve waffles, ice creams, sundaes and milkshakes and tucked away at the back of the premises is a soft play over two levels. The levels mean that it’s best for children who can go into soft plays unsupervised, and there is a camera for you to watch them on the lower level.

11. Little Pickles Play Café, Moordown, Bournemouth

A clean two-level soft play café suitable for small children where you can enjoy a cuppa and see the kids at all times. It’s small size makes it another great option for parties and you can even hire Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam to turn up as a surprise.

12. Giggles 4 Kids Play Centre, West Howe, Bournemouth

Another popular little play café for smaller children and parties. It has a big frame for kids up to 4’5″ and a little frame for babies and you can easily supervise your children and enjoy a drink at the same time.

13. Wild Thing at Adventure Wonderland, Hurn, Christchurch

Located opposite Bournemouth Airport, the extensive Aztec-themed soft play at Adventure Wonderland is open all year round. There is a toddler area for children under three years old with frame and slide, and the rest of the soft play is open for children up to 15 years old.

14. Local Leisure Centres

Soft Play in Bournemouth: The Junction Leisure Centre Soft Play, Broadstone
The Junction Leisure Centre Soft Play, Broadstone

Littledown, Rossmore and The Junction leisure centres all have soft plays as do others. Check out our article on the best leisure centre options in Poole and Bournemouth to find out more.

15. Other Soft Play in Bournemouth Options

For days where the weather is variable, it is also worth knowing that Farmer Palmers and the Tank Museum have indoor soft plays. You can find more about these venues and others in these articles:

That’s the end of our list, thank you for reading. Do you know of any venues for soft play in Bournemouth & Poole we have missed or information we could add? Feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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