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Brown Booth Limited
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Brown Booth Limited, Poole

Brown Booth Ltd is a company that provides marketing services for businesses. They have years of experience in the IT sector and online digital sector, so they can find the best solution for your business needs. Brown Booth Ltd takes care of all customer relations, management tasks, and project timelines to make sure everything goes smoothly. Whether you need web design services or an SEO campaign for your website, Brown Booth Ltd has got you covered!


Length of time they've been running:

2 Years

Their business expertise:

We pride ourselves with our design capabilities which are extremely flexible and can fit any customer requirement/imagination. We provide web design Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset-based. From customers who simply need a web presence through to those that require something a little different, we can fit the design remit of any requirements.

What makes them unique:

Like all the other agencies, we are also Transparent, Affordable, Proactive, Flexible and we will also create you a bespoke package. But we have listed below 4 key points that describe why we are truly different…


Thought is something that happens all day everyday; it’s how we create concepts, engage in problem solving, it's how we reason and make decisions. It's what we all do naturally but if you hone in the power of thought, anything is possible. With our love of all things business, our thought process rarely differs from anything non-related to business - it's in our blood, it's what gets us out of bed, it really is our passion.


Creativity is EVERYTHING when it comes to launching your businesses new marketing; beating your competitors and getting your message out to the correct audiences is of paramount importance. That’s why we put this at the top of the list when working on your new marketing strategy. It’s our thinking 'outside of the box' mind-set that makes us and our clients stand out from the rest. Creativity is fundamental to long lasting success!


Executing a strategy at the right time, place and in the right direction is key to drive your new marketing project past your competitors to accomplish dominance in your industry. The perfect strategy is the result of many decisions, and we will be there every step of the way. While execution is key, they also need constant monitoring to make sure we are always at the top of our game and in front of the competition.


When you come on board with us we will truly put as much thought into your business as we do our own - what really gets us going is getting our hands dirty and diving into the trenches with you! It’s not uncommon for us both to be sending emails back and forth to each other in the middle of the night when we are so excited about an idea. The only annoying thing is that we have to wait until at least 8am before we can communicate with the client to share our ideas. So if you’re not worried about us getting any sleep then step on board and give us as many sleepless nights as you like.

Their approach when delivering to you:


Yes we do; we have used every single one of our affiliates for our own projects and spent our hard earned money, because if we didn’t trust them enough to spend our own money with, how on earth can we expect you to. We have spent many months building our own outreach with our preferred vendors and are now starting to get results driven investment returns.


It's an absolute mine field out there when it comes to agencies that provide SEO, PPC, Social Media and the rest of digital marketing services - everyone promises the world. Every decision you make you are, in effect, is gambling with your budget... WELL DON’T! We’ve already done that for you - we have already spent £1,000’s on agencies that either don’t do the work or are just rubbish at what they do. Use our knowledge and guidance to take the stress from the unknown gamble.


Everyone of our hand picked affiliates is an absolute expert in their own field, that gives you the experience of the huge budget agencies at a fraction of the price. Why I hear you ask? Well if we were to hire two, three maybe even four experts in each service we offer our wage bill would be astronomical and so would our quotes. Either that, or we would have to hire amateurs and say they were experts and let everyone down.

Come on - by now you must have heard something you like enough to get in contact.

The team and skillsets:

Brown Booth Ltd is Rob Brown and Seb Booth; both have years of hands on experience in project management and sales within both the IT sector and the online digital sector. Finding the right solution for your company marketing needs is a minefield at the best of times, with a plethora of marketing companies offering differing levels of expertise and service. We have carried out extensive research and due diligence to select the right vendors for the right marketing sectors at the right price. The idea behind our company is that we take the pain of managing marketing for our clients. We don’t just stop at providing the right solution for you we actually manage it.

Our goal? Well it really is quite simple: be nice, be honest and most of all be helpful.


Web Design

Designs That Work
We pride ourselves with our design capabilities which are extremely flexible and can fit any customer requirement/imagination. We provide web design across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. From customers who simply need a web presence through to those that require something a little different, we can fit the design remit of any requirements.

We are often asked about how the design and development process works. Well, it is very straight forward and ALL of our web design and web development services follow a strict stepped process as detailed below:
Stage 1: Initial design of template layout (This will follow an iterative process until client is ready to sign off design layout).
Stage 2: Customer sign off on design layout.
Stage 3: Develop all website pages based on client requirements using content provided.
Stage 4: Site handover for BETA testing to ensure all elements work to customer requirements.
Stage 5: Client sign off on entire site in readiness for go live.
Stage 6: Final site audit which will include developing the entire site to be mobile responsive.
Stage 7: Go live!
Stage 8: Full CMS training will be provided.
We work with ALL of our customers through the entire design and development process to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they need.

Once your website is built and live on the web, we offer comprehensive support from simple day to day technical support through to on site content and design updates as and when required.

We offer two levels of support:

Service Level 1: Fixed monthly cost which allows our customers to budget this in to their business. This includes all technical support and minor/major changes to the website depending on what fixed cost is agreed. This also comes with a service level agreement which of course will include response times.
Service Level 2: Ad-Hoc support can be provided, but as with all of our services we like to be fully transparent with how we work. With Ad-Hoc support we will provide technical support for the website and changes to the website on an as and when we can get to it basis, dependent on our contracted customer demands at that time.

Search Engine Optimisation – also known as Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of maximizing website traffic by ensuring it appears high on search engine lists. Brown Booth offer our clients SEO services that work within all guidelines, no matter what type you need help with!

Just below Pay Per Click (Google AdWords), organic results are considered over 70% of people who visit websites looking for products or services, and Brown Booth can use industry-accepted techniques to improve this percentage even more so your company will rank higher than ever before in any future searches about their product line – Meaning More Sales!!

How Can Brown Booth Help?
Starting with a free site and competitor audit; Brown Booth provides the best organic SEO service, including on-site content writing specifically for search engines. With Google becoming more intelligent in their algorithms for ranking sites online; it is now necessary to have a human-centric approach when creating pages to read like people rather than just stuffed full of keywords all over the place!

Organic SEO is the way to go because it’s sustainable. Unlike PPC (Google AdWords), which will only last as long as your budget, organic results are here for good! You should set aside at least six months or more before giving up on this strategy – but even then; you’ll see that there is some payoff with increased traffic and higher conversion rates in short order.

Marketing can be a costly venture, but businesses of all sizes must succeed. For those who want their company name and services or products seen by as many people within seconds possible without spending too much money on advertising in traditional methods like TV commercials; SEO optimization has become an increasingly popular alternative that could help drive more traffic than PPC campaigns because users typically don’t know exactly how much time investment will go into making these ads profitable over the life span given that they’re not aware upfront what kind of commitment is involved with both efforts (Paid vs Non-paid).

PPC and Google Adwords

PPC refers to pay-per-click which is an advertising model used to drive traffic towards a website or websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with search engine websites. Google Ads is Google’s version of a PPC advertising solution and the most used PPC campaign.

The chances are you see websites promoted using pay-per-click every Google search you make; it is quite a commonly used practice so is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to implement a strategy to enhance their website’s search engine visibility.

How We Can Help
We do not profess to be specialists in this area, which is why we work with our preferred partner within this arena. This service, if done wrong, can cost your company a lot of wasted money which is why it is of utmost importance to get it right.

Our preferred partner has years of Google specific experience and knowledge which puts them at the forefront of their game. Again, with any partners we work with, we not only project manage but ensure that customer care always sits directly with us.

Although typically only 30% of people searching for services and or products will click on these, PPC (Google AdWords) can get instant results for your site and in fact some customers do choose to run this alongside their organic SEO.

Happy Customers

As one of the leading installers of sustainable heating solutions for residential applications in London and the South East, Quantum is uniquely placed to provide homeowners and self-builders with all the advice and support, from initial site survey and design, through to project completion and hand over.

Quantum Group is an MCS accredited installer of air to water heat pumps. MCS is a standards organisation. They create and maintain standards that allows for the certification of products, installers and their installations.

As sole distributor and installers of the Invisible. AC high velocity system, Quantum provide the industry’s most discreet air conditioning and heating product. Aesthetically pleasing coupled with outstanding performance, the system is a perfect solution for residential, commercial and heritage buildings.

The client required a very informative and content rich based website, that had links branching to specific services within the business, directing customers to solutions to their particular needs. All of the imagery required updating to latest versions of products, while also introducing a clear blog style area so that client can post updates themselves, to speed up the sites efficiency.

Technical requirements:
Website hosting
Professional email services
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for site encryption
Hosting by ‘GoDaddy’
Email through Microsoft Office365 Exchange only service
SSL via Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2

The website was built on the WordPress framework. The look and feel of the website has been designed to be intuitive for the visitor with call to actions mainly on the home page. The back office has been built to give the client maximum content management including all imagery and word content. The website was built mobile responsive down to mobile phone screen size.

That’s the end of this listing, thank you for reading. Would you like to find out more about Brown Booth Limited? You can get in touch with them via these contact details.

Alternatively, take a look at all the options for Web Design in Bournemouth & Poole within the Services section.