12 Best Garden Centres Bournemouth & Poole

By Charlotte Craig. Last updated on 9 June 2021 at 10:58am.

9 Best Garden Centres near Poole & Bournemouth

There are a variety of different garden centres Bournemouth and Poole have to offer, each with their own character and appeal.  Here is a flavour of what is available in the area:

1. Haskins Garden Centre, Longham, Ferndown

Garden Centres Bournemouth: Haskins Garden Centre, Ferndown
Haskins Garden Centre, Ferndown

A modern interpretation on the garden centre offering, Haskins is a brilliant all-rounder.

As well as a clean, well-maintained and extensive plant centre, there is a splendid restaurant with an enormous choice of food (and function room).  It has a great selection of top quality clothes, local books, cakes, children’s toys and garden furniture.

It is also open late on Thursdays and Fridays.

2. Wimborne Garden Centre, Wimborne Minster

Garden Centres Bournemouth: Wimborne Garden Centre, Wimborne Minster
Wimborne Garden Centre, Wimborne Minster

Ownership recently transferred from Wyevale Garden Centres to British Garden Centres, this is another modern garden centre but a little smaller with friendly staff.  This garden centre has a good plant centre, restaurant, small soft play (see more top soft play recommendations) and pet shop. Also notably for those with ponds, it has an expert aquatic centre full of warm and cold water fish and knowledgable staff.

3. Compton Acres Plant Centre, Canford Cliffs, Poole

This boutique plant centre has a beautiful location, run within Compton Acres ornamental gardens in an idyllic courtyard. The centre specialises in unusual and exotic plant species, and some even discovered within the gardens. Well worth a visit if you are looking for somehting unusual.

4. Chestnut Nursery, Poole Town Centre

Garden Centres Bournemouth: Chestnut Nursery
Chestnut Nursery, Poole Town Centre

This nursery is run as a charity project helping adults with mental illness find meaningful work in a stress-free environment. On the edge of Poole Park, it is walking distance from the main town centre and also has a car park.

It has recently had a modern shop building erected and overhauled its outdoor section to feel more like a smart boutique plant centre full of healthy plants.

5. The Old Piggery Garden Centre, Lytchett Matravers

A very rustic and Southern France-inspired mix of plants, furniture and terricotta pottery in this unusual boutique garden centre situated on Bere Farm.

The Barn Café next door continues the theme serving delicious food and drink within a romantic setting.

6. Canford Magna Garden Centre, Wimborne Minster

A independent, medium-sized garden centre with a traditional feel.  It has a café, helpful staff and boasts reasonable prices.

7 & 8. Stewarts Garden Centre, Christchurch & Wimborne

Similar to Haskins and Wimborne Garden Centre, Stewarts are professional, organised garden centres with a good restaurants and wide selection of plants grown from their own nursery and products.

There also is an aquatic concession at the largest Christchurch centre, run by the same business as Wimborne Garden Centre (see listing 2).

9. Holme For Gardens, Wareham

A family-run business located on Holme Farm, there is a real West Country feel to this garden centre.

It has lovely traditional plant centre, well-stocked farm shop and a picturesque water-side café with views over the Purbeck Hills.

10. Poundbury Gardens, Dorchester

This garden centre is housed in the original buildings of Poundbury Farm and therefore some of the oldest buildings in Poundbury. As a result, it also has bags of character.

It has a metropolian feel to it, similar to smart inner-city plant centres and some top-quality plant stock.  There is an excellent restaurant at the front of the building which serves tasty local produce.

11. Baskets and Blooms Retail Nursery, West Parley

If instead of a traditonal garden centre day out you value high-quality, well-priced plants sold straight from the grower, this retail nursery could be for you.

90% of the plants are grown in-house, and cutting down on advertising and the typical garden centre flourishes means these healthy local plants are great for your pocket as well as your garden.

12. In-Excess Garden Centre, West Parley

Almost immediately opposite the previous entry you will come across In-Excess, a medium-sized classic garden centre that is well stocked with all the usual plants and garden accessories.

If you are going to one, you may as well pop into the other and take advantage of this superb two-for-one deal.

That’s the end of our list, thank you for reading. Do you know of any garden centres Bournemouth and Poole we have missed or information we could add? Feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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