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Martial Arts

Martial Arts Bournemouth & Poole: 3 Great Options

Curated by . Last updated on 3rd February 2022 4:29pm.

Martial Arts Bournemouth & Poole: 3 Great Options

Looking for martial arts Bournemouth and Poole?  Perhaps you would like to enter competitions, or meet new people and develop a new hobby.  Either way, have a look at these options to start your search.

1. Bugeisha Aikido Club Broadstone

Physical Development Mental Development Spiritual Development
Martial Arts Bournemouth: Bugeisha Aikido Club

Improve your mind, body, and spirit by tapping into your inner strength. Aikido is a martial art that focuses on developing stamina, coordination, and mental discipline.

You can never be too old to begin training in Aikido, and because it is not based on strength or speed, it is a lifelong sport. Bugeisha Aikido Club, offers free taster sessions to demonstrate that Aikido offers so much more than just self-defense.

Your experienced instructor is Don Deacy.

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 07740 415712  

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2. Ippon Martial Arts Bournemouth

Ippon gym has something for everyone, whether you want to compete or just improve your fitness. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai are two of the classes available. They also have an exciting children's BJJ programme.

3. Gym Academy Martial Arts Bournemouth

A community martial arts facility in Bournemouth that offers classes to both children and adults. They will have something for you, regardless of your skill level. The sessions are extremely popular, and some customers have begun to compete.

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