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Post Office in Bournemouth or Poole: 10 Options

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Post Office in Bournemouth and Poole

It’s not always that easy to locate your nearest post office in Bournemouth and Poole, so here is a list of ten post offices serving the area to help you on your way.

Bournemouth Post Offices

1. Bournemouth Post Office

This post office is located on the first floor of WH Smiths, just off the square in central Bournemouth.

2. Lansdowne Post Office

This one is in a newsagents on the Lansdowne roundabout.

3. Westbourne Post Office

This is a traditional post office in its own building in Westbourne Grove.

4. Charminster Road Post Office

This is a small dedicated post office on Charminster’s main thoroughfare.

5. Malmesbury Park Post Office

This is another small dedicated post office.

Poole Post Offices

1. Poole Post Office

A second post office based in a WH Smiths, between Falkland Square and the railway line in the centre of Poole’s shopping district.

2. Hamworthy Junction Post Office

A small post office located in a gift shop.

3. Oakdale Post Office

A small post office located in a general store.

4. Ringwood Road Post Office

A new post office located in a medium Co-op supermarket.

5. Whitecliff Post Office

A small post office in a local corner shop.

That’s the end of our list, thank you for reading. Do you know of a post office in Bournemouth or Poole we have missed or information we could add? Feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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