• Kumpi Baked Potatoes Bournemouth
  • Kumpi Baked Potatoes Bournemouth
  • Kumpi Baked Potatoes Bournemouth


Kumpi Baked Potato Delivery
77 Old Christchurch Rd

01202 316699

Kumpi Baked Potato Delivery Bournemouth

Much more than a baked potato, Kumpi have taken a tried-and-true classic and infused it with magic.  Instead of monotonous beans and tiresome tuna, thrill your senses with flavour combinations with a delicious Kumpi potato that ensure you’ll never desire a boring old jacket spud again.


Length of time they've been running:

Turkish friends and business partners Onur and Ozan set up Kumpi in 2020 having setup a successful international creative agency. Kumpir is Turkish for baked potato.

Their business expertise:

With their experience of Turkish and Brisith culture, the business partners knew that a refined version of a traditional Kumpir would prove to be popular in the Bournemouth takeaways market.

What makes them unique:

With their unique and flavorful baked potato recipes, the business's major goal is to give the finest at-home dining experience.

Their approach when delivering to you:

Kumpi use the best British ingredients, helping to support local businesses. Their baked potatoes come from family-run farm and the bottle water is sourced from the New Forest.


The Mash

Removed from the skin and whisked with butter and cheese until thick, stringy, and velvety, the mash is the heart of a Kumpi potato. You've never eaten a mash like this, whether you use white or sweet potatoes.

The Skin

A ‘proper' baked potato, of course, must have crispy skin. Kumpi bake the shell twice to ensure that it has a delightful crunch and crispy skin. When the mash is spooned back inside, you've got the best of both worlds.

The Filling

But isn't this the most important part of a baked potato? The experts at Kumpi have created a menu of culinary delights that will exceed your expectations. They've combined flavours to create a complex mouthful with a surprise in every bite - which will be your favourite?

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