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Takeaways & Delivery

Poole & Bournemouth Takeaways: 20 Great Choices

Curated by . Last updated on 20th February 2023 12:16pm.

Poole & Bournemouth Takeaways: 20 Great Choices

Looking for Poole and Bournemouth takeaways for a delicious and easy meal at home?  There are so many to choose from, whittling it down and discerning the good from the bad can be tricky.  Here are some options to consider to get you started.

1. Sushi D’amor Takeaway & Delivery Poole

Pescatarian Sushi Vegan Sushi Party Menu
Bournemouth Takeaways: Sushi D’amor Takeaway & Delivery

Simply the best local pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan sushi of the Poole and Bournemouth takeaways, ordered in advance and delivered right to your front door.

Sushi D'amor is a local family-owned business that offers a first-rate fusion dining service featuring Japanese and European culinary pleasures. You have the option of having your Sushi delivered or picking it up from their Whitecliff location.

Chef Mo has worked at numerous prestigious hotels, excellent restaurants, and buffet services, including running her own restaurant in her home country Brazil, with her husband and fellow chef, Charles. She has held leadership positions in catering, most recently specialising in the wedding industry in and around Poole.

Full Profile

 07912 677125  

2. Kumpi Baked Potato Delivery Bournemouth

The Mash The Skin The Filling
Bournemouth Takeaways: Kumpi Baked Potato Delivery

Much more than a baked potato, Kumpi have taken a tried-and-true classic and infused it with magic.  Instead of monotonous beans and tiresome tuna, thrill your senses with flavour combinations with a delicious Kumpi potato that ensure you’ll never desire a boring old jacket spud again.

With their experience of Turkish and Brisith culture, the business partners knew that a refined version of a traditional Kumpir would prove to be popular in the Bournemouth takeaways market.

Full Profile

 01202 316699  

3. The Gurkha Spice Restaurant & Takeaway Poole

Restaurant Offers
Bournemouth Takeaways: The Gurkha Spice Restaurant & Takeaway

Gurkha Spice specialises in authentic Nepalese and contemporary Indian cuisine.  It is fully licensed and air conditioned with a 5/5 food hygiene rating and one of the top Poole & Bournemouth takeaways.

They serve Indian and Nepalese cuisine with a courteous service and excellent, freshly made meals prepared by Nepalese and Indian cooks.

Their master chef and his colleagues are glad to take the time to prepare the dishes using fresh ingredients and the best spices and herbs available.

Full Profile

 01202 717158 & 01202 717284  

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4. Roosters Piri Piri Takeaway & Delivery in Bournemouth & Poole

Roosters Piri Piri Poole and Bournemouth takeaways were founded about a decade ago, by Khalid Mirza. He is a firm believer in eating nutritious, economical meals that retains the typical, authentic flavours of his childhood. They've worked hard to master the Piri Piri seasonings, and now they're on a culinary mission to deliver their street food to all. They've created a menu full of sumptuous bold flavours inspired by real sub-continental dishes passed down through generations of seasoned cooks. By definition, street food is healthy and made with the freshest produce available. The team has sourced the highest-quality ingredients to ensure that their recipes are low in fats and sugars, making them an ideal complement to a balanced diet.

5. The Curry Guys Delivery in Bournemouth & Poole

The Curry Guys have worked in the British Indian fast food industry for over 35 years. They don't like reinventing the wheel, so only serve classic dishes that they've refined over the years. Now they're making them more accessible with their "heat and eat" ready meal type curries, which are new to the Poole and Bournemouth takeaways scene. The curries are cooked from scratch rather than being machine-churned like typical supermarket curries. They also don't use any preservatives, resulting in restaurant-quality meals at grocery store costs. The curries are properly cooled in accordance with food safety rules, and staying fresh in your fridge for up to three days or frozen. Next day delivery is available throughout the week.

6. El Murrino Italian Kitchen in Bournemouth

The team at one of the most popular Bournemouth takeaways is dedicated to serving authentic Italian flavours within your dish. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are paired with a warm, welcoming service. The pizzas are hand-stretched with slow-rise dough and a variety of Italian ingredients. To provide you the finest pizza, pizzas are baked in a wood fired oven at 450 degrees for 60 to 90 seconds. There are also pastas, risottos, and salads on the menu, as well as a variety of desserts, including their famed tiramisu. Many of the ingredients are labelled with the Italian term 'Denominazione di Origine Protetta,' which means 'Protected Designation of Origin,' which verifies high-quality Italian foods and ensures you're eating the real deal.

7. Noor Takeaway in Bournemouth

Noor is continually aiming to improve its service and quality in order to provide the greatest possible experience for their consumers. As a result, they are happy to finally unveil and offer their most recent enhancement, their new online ordering website. You may now unwind at home as Noor in Bournemouth prepares your favourite freshly prepared dishes. They're dedicated about serving great, high-quality food, and they provide a wide range of pizzas, burgers, kebabs, wraps, and more, all made to the highest standard with the freshest and finest ingredients. One of the top Bournemouth takeaways, their takeaway serves delectable meals at reasonable pricing. Order online, select from their whole menu, and have your favourite items delivered to your door.

8. Taka Taka Takeaway & Delivery in Bournemouth

Taka Taka food isn't only Greek food, but it's as close as you can get outside of Greece. Everything about their meals is designed to bring the Mediterranean to their eateries and replicate the flavour of a rural Greek village. Everything is supplied straight from Greece, from the meat to the marinade to the olive oil. Good food is made with quality ingredients and cooked with emotion and affection. Taka Taka's secret distinctive sauces, which date back to the first Taka Taka in Greece, are the key to their success. Before Taka Taka became one of the great Bournemouth takeaways, the brand had already achieved enormous popularity, and the flavouring was the talk of Corfu Island.

9. Wild Fish and Chips Takeaway in Bournemouth

Fresh fish is acquired from ports and boats all across the UK for Wild. They will only work with trusted suppliers who have been thoroughly audited and recognise the importance of sustainability. Additionally, they focus heavily on the health of our oceans and future fish stocks. They are proud to serve delicious food prepared with care and presented with a smile at Wild Fish and Chips. One of the largest Bournemouth takeaways for fish and chips within town centre, it offers exceptional service and top-notch, freshly prepared food for residents and visitors alike. The fish is battered with Wild's secret recipe, and the golden crispy chips are made from hand-washed, peeled, cut, and cooked British potatoes.

10. Taco Bell Takeaway in Bournemouth & Poole

Sometimes you're the last one to go to bed. Sometimes you have to bring in the changes and add some fire to your night. Sometimes you just have to Live Más. Taco Bell is the largest Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain in the world. Every week, approximately 6,500 restaurants in the United States and more than 300 restaurants across the world serve more than 35 million customers. Taco Bell has been creating bold, savoury food for more than 55 years, from classics like the Burrito Supreme® and Crunchy Taco to recent creations like the Crunchwrap Supreme®. Taco Bell's Poole and Bournemouth takeaways are known for their crunchy, cheesy, flavorful Mexican-inspired dishes delivered fresh to order.

11. Wagamama Delivery in Bournemouth

Wagamama's motto has remained the same since the first day their noodle canteen opened: real nourishment from bowl to soul. They found that the combination of your food quality and consumption decisions have a significant impact on the quality of your life. That's why being picky about your food pays off. Because when you eat well, you will live well. A base of noodles or rice to provide energy, quality protein and healthy fats to maintain you, an abundance of fresh crunchy veggies to nourish you, spices, sauces, and hot broths to tantalise your taste buds. One of the well-known of the Bournemouth takeaways, Wagamama's prepare simple, well-balanced soul food in open kitchens, now 50% plant-based, leaving you revitalised.

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12. Dosa World Takeaway in Bournemouth

Dosa World is a unique on the Bournemouth takeaways market, offering specialist Indian cuisine. It was founded in 2008, and is notable for changing the way people eat and enjoy food. They are proud of their ability to find South India's and Sri Lanka's most unique flavours. Dosas are rice pancakes prepared with fermented batter that originated in Southern India. They're similar to crepes and are frequently filled with a savoury filling before being eaten as street food or for breakfast. Ground rice, dal, and salt are used to make the batter. Dosa World serves scrumptious curries, delicious dosas, and more. They feature a large selection of the best meals from Sri Lanka and South India.

13. Tiien Thai Takeaway in Bournemouth & Poole

BH Stars has recognised Tiien Thai for its customer service, dining experience, and boutique hotel. Enjoy the joy and serenity of their tranquil yet modern restaurant, which serves delectable Thai cuisine. The Tiien Thai chefs source the finest authentic Thai ingredients to create the most magnificent flavours in their Poole and Bournemouth takeaways and restaurants. They will take you on a beautiful journey of flavours, scents, and sensations with their legendary hospitality. In January 2011, the first Tiien restaurant opened in Bournemouth. The restaurant was blessed before it opened in a traditional ceremony, guaranteeing good fortune to the owners and anyone who dines there. Pra Arejarn Utai, a Buddhist monk from Thailand, performed the blessing.

14. 1805 Chinese Takeaway in Bournemouth

1805 is a popular destination for Chinese cuisine, serving traditional Chinese dishes with a modern twist. At 1805, they carefully choose their ingredients to ensure that diners receive only the best. One of the best Chinese Bournemouth takeaways, the food is fantastic, the portions are generous, and despite its refinement, it keeps the familiarity of a Chinese takeaway. Close to Bournemouth Pier and BIC, 1805 invites you to appreciate the stunning interiors or the convenience of their takeaway service while sampling the unique combination of contemporary Chinese food. Steamed dim sum, sweet & sour sea bass with pine nuts, and wok fried rib eye beef with black pepper sauce, as well as vegetarian options, are all on the menu.

15. Pizza GoGo Takeaway in Bournemouth

With the establishment of Pizza GoGo in 1987, a dream becomes a reality. The company has grown substantially throughout this time period, with over 100 branches. They were one of the first takeaway and delivery firms in the UK, and they pioneered the concept of free delivery. Pizza GoGo's success is based on customer service, high-quality goods, and meticulous attention to detail, with their dough prepared fresh on the premises every day. Takeaways will continue to increase in popularity, and home delivery has become a huge industry in the UK, with a significant share of the food market. This is one of the Bournemouth takeaways that has benefited from the increase.

16. Miso Miso Noodle Bar and Asian Cuisine Takeaway in Bournemouth

Miso Miso Noodle Bar & Asian Cuisine has a variety of healthful options on the menu, including vegetarian selections. Miso Miso, one of the popular Bournemouth takeaways, is the place to go if you're looking for a healthy meal. All of the dishes are prepared using high-quality ingredients, with several products sourced especially to complement the menu. Miso Miso allows customers to order over the phone or securely through their website. Within a 3-mile radius of the shop, you can order and have your meal delivered for free to your home or workplace, or pick it up. They create delectable, nutritious meals that will fill you up and satisfy your culinary senses.

17. Mixed Salad Takeaway in Bournemouth

Mixed is an independent company that was founded in 2019. They are passionate about using fresh produce that is sourced locally whenever possible. Their goal is to provide healthy, tasty cuisine with excellent customer service. There is a large selection of grab-and-go items available, including vegan and vegetarian options. Mixed is the name, salad is their game… One of the healthier Bournemouth takeaways, you can construct your own customised salad from over 50 things that are chopped, combined, and dressed right in front of your eyes. Private hire, parties, gatherings, and corporate catering are also available. You can speak to a member of staff or send them an email for more information about their catering menu.

18. Makla Moroccan Takeaway in Bournemouth

Makla is a locally owned and operated family restaurant that was founded on a passion for cooking. It is a family-owned and operated restaurant that opened in late 2018. You won't be disappointed with their range of mezzes, whether you're searching for a fast snack or a great side dish to accompany your meal. They include options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free people. Try their excellent Aladdin wraps, prepared with houmous, harissa, coleslaw, and olives and available in chicken, falafel, or halloumi. They are proud to say that they have some of the tastiest falafel of all the Bournemouth takeaways. Feel free to put their falafel to the test, it's cooked fresh with their unique blend of spices.

19. Levant Lebanese Takeaway in Bournemouth

The best traditional Lebanese cuisine of the Bournemouth takeaways. Experience all of the cultural pleasures in a modern setting, with the Levant offering a wide variety of delectable and colourful foods cooked and presented in the traditional manner. Start with a variety of mezze dishes, a community custom for sharing appetisers, before moving on to the sumptuous main courses of fish, pork, kebabs, and colourful veggies. Mouth-watering daily specials include maklube - diced lamb cooked with aubergine and rice, seasoned with special selection of spices (served with salad or yoghurt) and kapsa - chicken cooked in tomato sauce with rice. Seasoned with a unique blend of spices. From the comfort of your own home, savour the flavours of the Levant.

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20. Naz Indian Takeaway in Bournemouth

Naz offers a diverse range of flavours and spices that combine to produce an eating experience that will transport you to another world. Their chef produces all of the authentic meals from scratch, and they provide a vast selection of authentic Indian cuisine to satisfy everyone's preferences. Naz is one of the Bournemouth takeaways that has their whole menu online, select your favourite or try something new, and enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home. They're passionate about serving tasty, high-quality cuisine, and their first focus is to meet all of their customers' needs - they offer a wide range of superb meals made to the highest standard using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

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