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Choir Bournemouth or Poole: 20 Super Options

Curated by . Last updated on 1st August 2023 9:11pm.

Choir Bournemouth or Poole: 20 Super Options

Music has the magical power to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and create an enchanting bond among individuals. If you are passionate about singing and seeking to be part of a vibrant community of music lovers, Bournemouth and Poole have a treasure trove of choirs waiting to welcome you. In this article, we explore 19 choirs in the area, each offering a unique experience to indulge your vocal talents and share your passion for music. So, without further ado, let us embark on this melodious journey and discover the beauty of choir Bournemouth!

1. Wavelength A Cappella Kinson

Music education Performance Charitable work
Choir Bournemouth: Wavelength A Cappella

As a women’s choir, we sing in three and four part harmony and our repertoire includes popular classics, songs from the shows, upbeat anthems and heartfelt ballads. Even a pirate or two!

A dynamic and energetic group of women, we aim to sing to the highest standard that we can achieve, while having fun and enjoying the company of our musical friends.

We are always looking for new singers to join our happy tribe.

Our music director, the only man in the group, has twelve years experience directing choirs and has had considerable success at music festivals. He directed a 100 strong choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus, in Christchurch priory, which was fabulous.

Full Profile

 07763 793971  

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2. Bournemouth Male Voice Choir

The Bournemouth Male Voice Choir is a longstanding musical institution in the region, renowned for its powerful performances and diverse repertoire. Their welcoming atmosphere ensures that singers of all experience levels can join and contribute to the magic of their performances.

3. Bournemouth Symphony Chorus

If you dream of singing alongside a world-class symphony orchestra, the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus is the perfect choice. This esteemed choir is known for its high standard of performance and the thrill of collaborating with renowned conductors and musicians.

4. Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir

The Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir boasts a rich history and a passion for classical and contemporary choral works. Emphasizing artistic excellence, they offer a fulfilling experience for those seeking a challenge in their singing journey.

5. Bournemouth University Choir

For the younger crowd and students at Bournemouth University, this choir offers a fantastic opportunity to blend voices and explore a varied repertoire. Whether you're a music major or just an enthusiast, this choir provides a creative outlet to nurture your talent.

6. Bournemouth Community Gospel Choir

Dive into the soulful world of gospel music with the Bournemouth Community Gospel Choir. This inclusive and vibrant ensemble welcomes singers from all backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of joy, passion, and spiritual harmony.

7. Bournemouth Bach Choir

Dedicated to performing the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and other classical masters, the Bournemouth Bach Choir is a haven for those who revel in the complexities of choral music. Join this esteemed group and immerse yourself in the brilliance of baroque compositions.

8. Bournemouth Youth Choir

The Bournemouth Youth Choir fosters young talent, giving rising stars a platform to shine. Led by experienced vocal coaches, this choir nurtures young voices and provides an enriching musical experience for the next generation of choral performers.

9. Poole Borough Band and Choir

The Poole Borough Band and Choir combine the beauty of instrumental and vocal music, offering a unique experience for music enthusiasts. This group embraces both traditional and contemporary styles, fostering a sense of camaraderie among its members.

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10. Poole Sea Shanty Choir

If you have a penchant for sea shanties and maritime folklore, the Poole Sea Shanty Choir is where you belong. Their spirited performances will transport you to the age of sailors and the charm of the sea.

11. Poole Choral Society

Established over a century ago, the Poole Choral Society has a rich legacy of choral excellence. With regular performances at local venues, they invite enthusiastic singers to contribute their voices to their storied tradition.

12. Wessex Harmony

A dynamic all-female choir, Wessex Harmony, brings a contemporary edge to the choral scene. Their powerful harmonies and engaging performances resonate with audiences of all ages, making them a beloved part of the local music community.

13. Canzonetta

Canzonetta is a Bournemouth-based chamber choir known for its versatility and breathtaking performances. Their passion for a cappella music shines through in their renditions of both sacred and secular works.

14. Wimborne Community Choir

The Wimborne Community Choir embraces singers from all walks of life, fostering a sense of belonging and musical growth. Their wide-ranging repertoire and inclusive ethos make them an inviting choice for singers in the Wimborne area.

15. Broadstone Community Choir

If you're in Broadstone, this community choir provides an opportunity to connect with fellow music enthusiasts and explore the world of choral music in a friendly and welcoming environment.

16. Parkstone Musical Theatre

Parkstone Musical Theatre combines choral singing with theatrical flair. If you enjoy the spotlight and have a love for musical theater, this choir offers the perfect stage for your talents.

17. South Coast Harmony

South Coast Harmony is an all-male choir specializing in a cappella singing. With a strong focus on camaraderie and musical development, this choir creates a vibrant and supportive community for male singers in the area.

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18. Encore Choir

The Encore Choir celebrates the joy of singing in the golden years of life. This senior choir provides a sense of fulfillment, friendship, and creativity for older adults who want to continue their musical journey.

19. Quay Harmony

Quay Harmony is an exciting mixed-voice choir that enjoys performing at various events in Poole and Bournemouth. Their repertoire spans genres, ensuring an engaging experience for both singers and audiences.

20. Rock Choir Bournemouth

Last but not least, Rock Choir Bournemouth takes a contemporary approach to choral singing, with a focus on pop and rock hits. Experience the thrill of performing chart-toppers with this energetic and charismatic ensemble.

With 20 choirs to choose from, Bournemouth and Poole offer a diverse and welcoming choral community for singers of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned vocalist or a beginner with a passion for singing, joining a choir in the area will undoubtedly enrich your life. The beauty of choral music lies not only in the harmony of voices but also in the friendships, memories, and sense of belonging that these choirs create. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the melody and join a choir Bournemouth today to experience the magic of choral singing firsthand!

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