Choir Bournemouth or Poole: 1 Super Option

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Choir Bournemouth or Poole: 1 Super Option

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1. Wavelength A Cappella Christchurch

Choir Bournemouth: Wavelength A Cappella

As a women’s choir, we sing in three and four part harmony and our repertoire includes popular classics, songs from the shows, upbeat anthems and heartfelt ballads. Even a pirate or two!

A dynamic and energetic group of women, we aim to sing to the highest standard that we can achieve, while having fun and enjoying the company of our musical friends.

We are always looking for new singers to join our happy tribe.

Our music director, the only man in the group, has twelve years experience directing choirs and has had considerable success at music festivals. He directed a 100 strong choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus, in Christchurch priory, which was fabulous.

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