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Best Coffee Shops Poole: 14 Local Cafés Near Bournemouth

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Great Coffee Shops and Cafés in the Poole Area, near Bournemouth

Best coffee shops Poole: here has recently been a big surge in the opening of artisan coffee shops in the Poole area. There is nothing nicer than relaxing in the welcoming atmosphere of a great coffee shop. With all those delightful aromas you can enjoy a delicious coffee made by an experienced barista.

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Here are a few places to try:

1. Coffee #1 Coffee House, Ashley Cross, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: Coffee #1, Ashley Cross
Coffee #1, Ashley Cross

Recently opened in 2019, this coffee shop is the largest in Ashley Cross and is great for families, as you can easily get even a double buggy through the door. They also have little tables that are easy for small children to sit at. The coffee and food is exceptional too.

2. Deli on the Quay, Poole Quay

No wonder this place is so popular. It looks out onto Poole Quay, so you can watch the harbour traffic as you sip your coffee, and the food is very tasty too. The quiche in particular must be tried, it is so light and the best I’ve eaten. The deli shop is a treasure trove of high quality produce from all over and you’ll be sure to find something a bit different.

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3. Patisserie Mark Bennett – The Bakehouse, Lilliput, Poole

Mark Bennett is an extremely talented award-winning baker, one of the best in the UK, so his main ‘bakehouse’ patisserie in Lilliput does not disappoint. Everything is baked on site, and you can buy pastries that look like sculptures, sublime bread that turbo-boosts any soup or sandwich, or the most delicious almond croissant you’ve ever eaten. The coffee is rather decent too — a local must try.

4. The Dancing Goat Coffee House, Ashley Cross, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: Dancing Goat, Ashley Cross
Dancing Goat, Ashley Cross

A lovely little coffee shop in a charming part of Ashley Cross, opposite St. Peter’s Church. A top-notch place to visit if you just want a take away coffee and tasty ham and cheese croissant.

5. South Deep Café, Parkstone Bay Marina, Poole

This little gem is tucked away in the marina and right next to Whitecliff park, so ideal if you plan to take the dog for a walk or the children to the playground (we have an article on great local playgrounds you may like to read). In the summer, there is an outdoor bar area and a few toys for children to play with. Indoors, the coffee is excellent and they serve delicious muffins and pastries baked on site.

6. Coffee Saloon, Canford Cliffs, Poole

Located all across Dorset, this coffee shop is hipster-chic and great little places to pop into for work or pleasure. They serve excellent coffee and a contemporary menu including avo on toast, savory muffins and sourdough. The Canford Cliffs saloon was the first and where they make all the bakes and cakes, so both are good choices. A very welcome sight in the area.

7. Little Red Roaster Coffee Shop, Ashley Cross, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: Little Red Roaster, Ashley Cross
Little Red Roaster, Ashley Cross

Situated right on Ashley Cross Green, this homely coffee shop feels like stepping into a welcoming sitting room. The papers are out for you to read, and they do some tasty bagels and breakfast muffins to get your day off to the right start. Not to mention a wide selection of coffee beans to choose from, perfect for a coffee connoisseur.

8. Lounge One Café, Canford Heath, Poole

Having been refurbished in October 2019, Lounge One brings great atmosphere, community and suberb coffee and food to the heart of Canford Heath. Very popular locally and deservedly so.

9. Coast Coffee Shop, Whitecliff, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: Coast, Whitecliff
Coast, Whitecliff

An ubercool light and bright surf-motorcycle coffee shop which has a lovely relaxing ambience. Filled with spider-plants, lofty ceilings, surf-boards and diesel, you feel like you are on holiday – especially when it is sunny. There are a couple of shops to browse and a yoga studio onsite too, for achieving ultimate zen.

10. The Kitchen, Poole Park, Poole

This large casual dining resturant is located in the heart of Poole Park and is the perfect pit-stop for taking in views of the boating lake whilst enjoying a great coffee and a locally-made slice of cake. There is a car park next door where you can park for two hours for free too.

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11. Miiko Wellness Café, Whitecliff, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: Miiko, Whitecliff
Miiko, Whitecliff

New for 2019, Miiko is a coffee shop that encourages ‘everyday nourishment’. It is an extremely calming environment that offers massages and yoga as well as coffee and nutritional food and drinks. Spending time in Miiko feels a bit like you’ve been to a luxurious spa for an hour.

12. Coffee #1 Coffee House, Poole Town Centre

A large high-quality coffee shop in a central location on Poole High Street. A bit of a haven for you to get away from the shopping crowds and have a breather. Another very warmly received addition to Poole Town and useful to know it’s there.

13. Rockets & Rascals Café, Lilliput, Poole

A cycle and coffee shop, where you can get sustenance and get your bike fixed at the same time. A focal point for the local cycling community and a major stop off on cycling routes, you can also get some deliciously healthy wraps and smoothies, together with top-notch coffee, of course. It’s well worth popping in. If you are a keen cyclist, you may be interested in our post on the best cycling routes, cycle shops and bike hire in the area.

14. The Ark Café, Poole Park, Poole

Coffee Shops Poole: The Ark Café, Poole Park
The Ark Café, Poole Park

Run by the same people as The Kitchen, but this time targeted a little more at families, The Ark is a great destination for those with children. The casual dining restaurant is attached to a soft play (read more about this in our soft play article), an ice rink and is next door to a playground (read about this in our playgrounds and play areas article). Serving great coffee and food, what is not to like?

That’s the end of our list, thank you for reading. Do you know of any coffee shops Poole we have missed or information we could add? Feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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